Dr. Srinivas Vourganti Performs Difficult Catheter Placement with the aScope 4 Cysto
Minimizing the Risk - Disposable Scopes in the GI Suite
Nancy Schlossberg discusses how single-use duodenoscopes can improve infection prevention in the GI suite.
Comparing the Costs of Reusable vs Single-Use Bronchoscopes
Russ Montgomery, PhD, reveals the true cost of reusable bronchoscopes by reviewing all the cost drivers.

Patient Safety

Over the last four years, the FDA received more than 450 medical device reports describing post-procedure patient infections or other potential contamination issues involving reprocessed urological endoscopes. The agency says it’s investigating potential causes and contributing factors.

Burnout is an often unrecognized problem in the physician community.

Performing Procedures

During Public Health Awareness Week, we highlight some drivers of and solutions for coping with burnout.

Salmonellosis is generally reportable, even though manifestation of Salmonella bacteriuria alone may not meet the definition of salmonellosis.

Preventing Infection

A recent report suggests cystoscopy is a risk factor for Salmonella bacteriuria and should prompt public health investigations between the two.

Clinicians don PPE prior to a procedure.

Preventing Infection

A Turkish hospital found a unique way to protect healthcare workers from aerosolization during bronchoscopy in the COVID-19 pandemic. Diagnostic and treatment procedures resumed within a month of lockdown.

Flexible ureteroscopes are used for RIRS.

Emerging Technologies

The effectiveness of reusable and disposable ureteroscopes is comparable, while the single-use device resulted in lower complication and postoperative infection rates, a new study finds.

Respiratory system

Patient Safety

Chantel Taylor has a deeply personal survival story to share with patients and the community college students she teaches. She also imparts the most important lesson the pandemic has taught her: ‘Get in there and learn and help take care of these patients. Get in there and make a difference.’

Ambu aScope 4 Broncho Large

Preventing Infection

A retrospective analysis found that no clinicians contracted COVID-19 after performing bronchoscopies with single-use devices. It also questioned the efficacy of tracheal aspirates in detecting secondary infection in COVID-19 patients.


Analyzing Value

Costs will vary by institution, based on equipment used, reprocessing methods and number of annual procedures.


Patient Safety

Otolaryngologists will have to educate the public — as well as their colleagues in other clinical specialties — about the essential role they can play in diagnosing and managing post-COVID-19 symptoms, ENTtoday reports.

Dr. Todd Baron Assesses the aScope Duodeno for ERCP
aScope BronchoSampler: Closed Loop Sampling

Evidence-Based Strategies to Eliminate ERCP-Related Infections