Dr. McGinn and Dr. Ziai Share their Experiences Using The aScope 4 RhinoLaryngo
Single-Use Bronchoscopes: Ready for Prime Time
Topics of discussion include a look at updated single-use comparison studies as well as new information on single-use versus reusable scopes.
The Power of Single-Use Endoscopy
This webinar explores the history of single-use endoscopy in the context of other healthcare paradigm shifts and examines evidence supporting a single-use endoscopy future.
A look at what

Best Practices

From progress in the gender wage gap to new roles for physician assistants, the otolaryngology space is a busy place.

Study: Single-Use Duodenoscopes Are Capable of High Completion Rates in ERCP

Preventing Infection

Research presented recently at ACG 2023 proves this, as well as low adverse event rates from single-use models.

The personal hygiene and dress code of sterile processors have the power to make a difference in patient safety.

Patient Safety

When it comes to keeping patients safe, personal hygiene and the dress code maintained by sterile processors is essential.

Check out these webinars to advance your skill set.

Patient Safety

We’ve curated a selection of webinars featuring industry leaders in the flexible endoscopy field to inspire and enhance your professional development.

Single-Use vs. Reusable: Which Endoscope is Right for Your Facility?

Analyzing Value

A Mayo Clinic doctor believes that single-use endoscopes give urologists more effective tools to offer the best and safest care to patients, no matter where they are.

Sterile processors continue to see contamination in lumens designated as clean, according to recent research.

Patient Safety

Following up on past research, Cori Ofstead, president of Ofstead & Associates Inc., found that sterile processors continue to see contamination in lumens that are supposed to be clean — as often as once a day.

Assessing respiratory therapists performance when it comes to intubations.

Patient Safety

Until recently there has been little research on how RTs are trained and how they maintain their skill level.

Single-use rhinolaryngoscopes show their cost effectiveness vs. reusables.

Analyzing Value

Researchers evaluated rhinolaryngoscopes in a multicenter study and found the single-use versions less expensive per procedure.

What to Know About ANSI/AAMI ST108

Prevention Challenges

“Water is actually really complex in its chemistry and depending on where you are geographically, the water quality can be very different,” says the co-chair of a working group authoring the new standard.

Ambu | A Sustainable Future with Single-use Medical Device Products
Dr. John McGinn Explains How Ambu’s Rhinolaryngoscopes Have Increased Efficiency and Response Time

Robotic Right Lower Lobe Lobectomy using Ambu’s VivaSight 2 DLT