Dr. Ajay Wagh Shares his Experience Using the aScope 5 HD Single-Use Bronchoscope
Risks Between Reusable vs. Disposable Flexible Endoscopes: A Clinical Risk Management Perspective
Webinar discusses the clinical risks associated with the use of reusable flexible endoscopes.
The Financial Case for Single-Use Endoscopy
Explore the history of single-use endoscopy in the context of other healthcare paradigm shifts and examine how recent evidence supports a single-use future.
Infectious diseases are about to become a bigger presence in ICUs around the world.

Preventing Infection

Only one out of five patients admitted to an ICU in recent decades landed there due to an infectious disease, but that is changing, according to one expert.

Patient success stories may help healthcare workers overcome burnout.

Critical Care

Post- ICU clinics designed to help patients recover from critical illness may serve the dual purpose of helping their caregivers overcome burnout, according to a new study.

Free Resources to Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of GI Nurses and Associates Week

Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Applications

The society provides you with a list of ideas to recognize the GI nurses in your department.

Patient Safety Awareness Week is a good opportunity to rethink infection prevention practices.

Patient Safety Awareness Week

Errors or instances of preventable harm in healthcare can have a wide range of physical, emotional, and financial effects on patients, according to the IHI, which is why the organization recognizes Patient Safety Awareness Week annually.

Survey: Labor Shortages Top Issue Confronting Hospitals Last Year

Public Health

Survey findings suggest that workforce challenges were the most press concern facing hospital CEOs in 2022.

A Message to Infection Preventionists: ‘Always Be Recruiting’

Preventing Infection

Staffing challenges in the field predate the COVID-19 pandemic.

Skills taught in pulmonary rehab can help patients avoid hospital visits.

Public Health

National Pulmonology Rehabilitation Week highlights the importance of pulmonology rehabilitation programs to the health and quality-of-life of lung disease patients.

SIngle-use flexible bronchoscopes are becoming more common performers in bronchoscopy suites.

Bronchoscopy Procedure

“The gap is closing between single-use flexible bronchoscopes and reusable bronchoscopes, if it hasn’t already closed completely,” says Dr. Jonathan Kurman, an interventional pulmonologist, in a new webinar presented by the Society for Advanced Bronchoscopy and sponsored by Ambu.

Study Assesses Life Cycle, Environmental Footprint of Single-Use and Reusable Cystoscopes

Value-Based Care

Researchers analyzed five environmental categories impacting the cystoscopes’ carbon footprint, primarily focusing on climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions.

Dr. Alan Rosenbaum Shares His Experience Using the aScope RhinoLaryngo Slim for Sleep Endoscopy
Dylan Ross, RN Explains How to Streamline the Process of GI Procedures Using the Ambu aScope Gastro

aScope 5 Broncho HD Clinical Video: Foreign Body Removal - Cryoprobe