How Gender Preferences Affect Colorectal Cancer Screening


Surveys show that patients in urban settings are willing to pay more, and rural patients will wait longer, for a same gender endoscopist.

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The healthcare worker shortage isn

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Single-use endoscopes offer overburdened hospitals and healthcare systems a way to streamline processes and staffing needs as a worker shortage pushes the industry into what one prominent group calls ‘a national emergency.’

Podcast: Single-Use Endoscopes Are More Sustainable Than You Think

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Comparing the environmental impact of single-use versus reusable endoscopes can be challenging since there is no clear way to measure the harm caused by reprocessing.

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Analyzing Value

The authors of a recent review found that routine repair is costly and may cause delays in service while reusable devices are unavailable. Specialized equipment and staff are needed for sterilization — and inadequate cleaning increases infection risk.