How COVID-19 is Making the Case for Single-Use Bronchoscopes


Becker’s Hospital Review explored bronchoscope reprocessing and cross-contamination issues in a recent feature story. It’s an important issue to probe, especially now.

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Study: Sterile Single-Use Bronchoscopes Less Costly than Reusable Bronchoscopes
Supply Costs
New research quantifies how much more hospitals pay to disinfect and reuse bronchoscopes rather than purchasing single-use instruments and builds on a study last year examining the effectiveness of cleaning processes used for reusable bronchoscopes.
Can Robotic Bronchoscopy Improve Diagnostic and Surgical Procedures?
Bronchoscopy Procedure
Two sets of findings, recently presented at the annual CHEST conference, generated results that warrant further evaluation in studies designed to yield comparative trials in advanced bronchoscopic techniques, researchers say.
More From Single-Use Endoscopy
Flexible endoscope reprocessing is a complex process with many opportunities for error.

Prevention Challenges

A new study questions conventional wisdom around using alcohol flushes to aid in the drying of endoscopes.

Hanging endoscopes

Patient Safety

When it comes to keeping reusable endoscopes clean and dry, key factors include hang times, the type of drying cabinet used and where the drying device is housed. Single-use devices also offer benefits.

Endoscope reprocessing poses unique challenges for technicians.

Patient Safety

A recent review article from Michelle Alfa, a longtime medical device reprocessing researcher, explores many areas where endoscope reprocessing may fall short. Often, she notes, it’s because of a lack of knowledge about the proper protocol… “you don’t know what you don’t know.”