Becoming a Next-Gen Urologist

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Becoming a Next-Gen Urologist

"The ideal skill set of a person coming out is someone who's excited about the use of new technology, minimally based approaches. I think urologists have been at the forefront of robotics and newer less invasive techniques to treat various disease processes."

Matthew Katz was at Weill Cornell Medicine when a chance digital encounter ended up steering him into urology.

“If you had asked me what a urologist did before medical school I probably wouldn’t have been able to answer the question,” he told me self-deprecatingly when we chatted at the American Urological Association’s annual conference in New Orleans.

But a blast email to the entire medical school looking for people interested in robotics research caught Katz’s eye. His background in bioengineering had sparked an interest in doing something medically that was hands on, working with new technology and focusing on minimally invasive procedures.

A next-generation urologist was born.

Today, Katz brings a unique perspective to starting a urology practice. He’s less than a year out of an endourology fellowship, has an MBA and has co-authored research on telemedicine. He also has interesting insights on the emergence of single-use endoscopes and the role they can play in urology practice going forward.

Katz is affiliated with NYU Langone Health and is a clinical assistant professor in the urology department at the NYU Grossman School of Medicine. 

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